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Quality Materials

Where possible we try to use reclaimed flooring timber or broken furniture.  Some of the larger pieces need more substantial timber.

Carving & Assembly

All of our models go through the same processes.  The basic profile shape is cut out before chisels and shavers are used to carve the detailed curves and fine lines.

How To Buy A Car

Every car is unique and made to order, which is why we have taken the decision to not have online purchasing, as our cars are not just 'off-the-shelf'!


A toy to admire.
An ornament to play with.

Ethically Sourced, Handmade Wooden Cars 

Our Most Popular Models

Our Events

we're ready for you.

Toft Workshop will be at Goodwood Revival this year, showcasing & selling our handmade model cars.

Find Us: Lavant Infield Market, Stand 89

17th - 19th September 2021


Producing wooden gifts from reclaimed timber is what we do best.


Versatile, tactile, beautiful.

Every toy is as individual as the tree it came from.


Our workmanship enhances this natural appeal and ensures a completely unique product. Every toy is hand made and hand sanded to a professional 240 grit finish. Every toy is stamped with a number and logged in our ledger.


You can enter the name you would like recorded when you make your purchase. All the products without a steering wheel are Satra approved to the European standard EN71 for use as a toy.


Back Story.


The story of Toft Workshop began in 1982. When Dominic was 12 years old he made the first car in a woodwork lesson.


My Dad and I make our way to the workshop at the house in Toft, and we begin to copy the original car, panel by panel. But this time adding one crucial detail, a Toft Workshop engraving on the underside of the car


I rescued the almost forgotten toy car from my toy box and put it pride of place on the mantle piece for the first time. I then stood back, and just admired it.


My Dad and I attended Goodwood Festival of Speed for the very first time, watching the now classic cars racing by right in front of my eyes. That thrill. The Excitement. Was really when the love affair began!

Back Story
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Our Sustainability 

We will continue to look for timber that can be up cycled. The beauty of old timber is unmistakable and we believe that it deserves a second life. Our experiments with different types will continue as we reclaim new species. Old flooring boards and blocks will always provide fantastic timber and we will look at different ways of cleaning it up for use.

We seal all our cars with bees wax which not only make them safe as toys but also means we are using a natural sustainable product.

Our creations all follow the same construction methods and they have been tested “safe” for use a toys but what is fantastic about them is their durability.  I wouldn’t mind betting that these little sculptures will be passed from generation to generation, changing from toy to ornament and back again as the years pass.  

A toy for life – that sounds like a toy to represent sustainability to me.


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