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We have been to the Revival at Goodwood many times now but one car for us , represents the shere beuty of the occasion more than all the others.  The Type 35 Buggatti was one of the most successful racing cars of all time.  It has proved to be our best seller from the word go.

It is difficult to argue with it's lines and shapes and we hope that many new generations get to enjoy the  beauty of its shape.

As part of our research and development, we took great care to produce toys that are safe for all age groups.

Wheels are glued with PVA glue, approved for use with children’s toys.

The timber is sealed with beeswax which is also approved for use with children’s toys.

We sent six examples of our product for testing to Satra and they all passed with flying colours.

Our range of cars now exceeds the six vehicles that went for testing but what was approved was the process we use to stick and seal the various parts. Our certification allows us to vary the shapes as long as we use the same techniques.

Satra are an independent research and testing organisation established in the UK in 1919. The products were tested to EN71 for Mechanical and Physical Properties (the European industry standard) which includes an assessment for sharp edges, sharp points and choking hazards. This ensures that the products without steering wheels are safe to use and fit for purpose.

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