About Us

The Back Story

The story of Toft Workshop began in 1982.

When Dominic was 12 years old he made the first car in a woodwork lesson.  In 1983, Dominic and his father, Robert, set about making a copy of the original.  The new car was engraved with the words “Toft Workshop” to show where it was made – Robert’s workshop in the village of Toft!!  The new car was placed alongside the original on the mantle piece.  They were regularly taken down for visiting children to play with.  It took three decades for a business idea to formulate but formulate it did.

Dominic started the company “Revive Floor Sanding” that specialised in the restoration of old timber floors in Cambridge.  Through “Revive”, Dominic had access to some very interesting and historic wooden floors.  And so, the business idea “Toft Workshop” was born.

The acquisition of suitable flooring timber took some time but once there was a good stockpile, design and prototypes were produced.

The most suitable timber type for car bodies and wheels turned out to be oak.  Hubcaps needed to provide a contrasting colour.  We chose Panga Panga because it was the darkest flooring timber used and has fantastic grain.

We have also built up a special relationship with the Goodwood Revival, mainly due to the fact that the cars we make all race at the event. However, we also produce enhanced versions that are sold at the Goodwood market and our aim is to provide models as prizes for the winning drivers too.

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