Toys or Ornaments

The simple answer is “both”.

Ever since our first car was made back in 1982, it was obvious that our cars make great toys and can also be attractive ornaments or keepsakes.

Our hand made wooden toys have a very tactile quality. When you pick up a model of a car the temptation to whizz them around is irresistible.

By choosing sports and racing cars we have a subject matter with real aesthetic beauty. When coupled with historic timber, the combination looks stunning.

A Toy for Life

Purchase as a gift
Start life as a toy
Become an ornament
Return to a toy’s life when needed

Versatile, tactile and beautiful, collectable.

Every toy is as individual as the tree it came from. Our workmanship enhances this natural appeal and ensures a completely unique product. Every toy is hand made and hand sanded to a professional 240 grit finish. Every toy is stamped with a number and logged in our ledger. You can enter the name you would like recorded when you make your purchase.

All the products without a steering wheel are Satra approved to the European standard EN71 for use as a toy.

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